Summer Camp Internship - Eastern Europe

Opportunity Overview

The camp intern program is an intense cultural and service missions experience in Young Life. Interns will play a vital role in our summer camping ministry and are committed to Christ first and foremost. They have the ability to lead others, serve with excellence, and a desire to be challenged and grow in their relationships with Christ.

Camp Interns will join Assigned Teams and work crew / summer staff to serve Christ, kids, and each other. They will have the opportunity to grow as leaders in ministry, develop Christ-like relationships, and enjoy the fun and beauty of Central / Eastern Europe.


  • Currently active as a ministry leader in Young Life or other Christian ministry.
  • Past experience on summer staff or work crew at a Young Life camp.
  • Completed at least 1 year of university or will be at least 19 years of age.
  • Be financially responsible for costs of missions experience. Fundraising coaching available. Approx. $4000 + Flight (Includes: camp fees, insurance, transportation, retreat costs, meals, city visits and ministry development).
Basic Itinerary
  • Intern orientation and pre-camp prep week
  • Albania Young Life Camp
  • Bulgaria Young Life Camp
  • Poland WyldLife Camp (certain positions begin)
  • Intern Retreat
  • Czech Republic Young Life Camp
  • Poland Young Life Camp
  • Post camp debrief time
Positions Overview
  • Office/Retail Intern: logistics, housing, leader care, budget management, camp store, office maintenance.
  • Tech Intern: club tech, games/activities sound, meal/program music, equipment set-up.
  • Video Intern: video and photo taking, daily camp videos, program videos.
  • Property Intern: activity prep, supplies maintenance, housing, rides/workshops management.
  • Water Intern: Lifeguard certified, organizes water games and equipment, oversee pool/lake/beach areas.

Contact Info

Diana Sanderson