Young Life || Teacher Staff – Brno, Czech Republic

Opportunity Overview


​Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, with almost 90,000 university students. There are many international IT companies in Brno, which creates a diverse population in the city. Young people in the city value learning English, and native English speakers are more than welcome into schools, universities and businesses in Brno.

Young Life has existed in Brno since 2013 and has been growing its ministry and leadership team with Young Life and WyldLife. The role of teacher staff would be to continue to develop relationships with two different schools that Young Life has already begun in the city, as well as to build relationships with students and be an active part of the ongoing Young Life ministry. Being an English teacher is a great way to be in the schools, meet young people, as well as offer a skill to develop young people that is highly sought after in the Czech Republic — that is speaking English. The teacher staff will be working alongside current staff, which includes the area director and one part-time Czech staff.


  • ​Demonstrate spiritual leadership on a personal and professional level.
  • Develop a community of Czech volunteer leaders — some to work with adolescents and others to serve on committee.
  • Develop a plan to train, disciple and develop Czech volunteer leaders.
  • Responsible for personal funding needed on top of wages earned from teaching.
  • Participate in dynamic direct ministry with kids.
  • Participate in annual staff events and training events.
  • Teach between 15-20 lessons a week at a local high school.
  • Prepare and organize English conversation lessons.
  • Run an after-school English club or other English activity outside the classroom.
  • Maintain professional relationships with the school principal as well as other teachers.


  • Adventurous and adaptable attitude for a new culture. Must be able to relate, work and build community in a multicultural, multilingual area.
  • Experience as a Young Life volunteer required.
  • Vision and ability to recruit, develop and multiply leaders.
  • Ability to identify and develop fundraising opportunities within the local community.
  • Must maintain confidentiality.
  • College degree required.
  • Proven relational skills with both kids and adults.
  • Strong written and verbal communication.
  • Language school required if not fluent in native language.
  • Must have a degree in Education or a TEFL or TOFEL certificate (can be acquired through online courses).


​Housing supplements and cost of living adjustments help make living overseas affordable for international staff. In addition, staff may raise funds and be reimbursed for the purchase of a vehicle, an annual personal trip to see family, pre-K through 12th grade private school education for dependent children, language school, moving expenses, and a one-time bonus of up to two-months’ salary.

How To Inquire:

​If interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact the Young Life's International employment coordinator at 800-330-0628 or [email protected] To better help​ us serve you in your inquiry process, please send in a Resume and Cover Letter via email to [email protected]

Contact Info

Alison Spindor
(800) 330-0628